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Nicole Remini“Born in Brooklyn, NY and moved to LA in the 80s. In LA, I started my career in radio working at 102.7 KIIS FM. Believe it or not, I also managed a couple of Bally’s Health Clubs at the same time. I was very lucky to do the two things I love to do, talk and work out.

As the years rolled on, I was blessed with the opportunity to be part of the CBS hit show The King of Queens, production staff. That was an amazing experience. If you watch closely you will see my name in the credits as well as a couple of acting appearances.

While in production on the K of Q’s, we as a family did two VH-1 reality shows called Leah Remini Inside Out. I was the Production Coordinator on both productions as well as, appearing as myself in both episodes. There were a few appearances on Entertainment Tonight, VH-1, and MTV.

Sadly, after seven years as part of the crew on the show, it ended. This prompted me to follow my dream of radio in Minneapolis. It was also an opportunity to raise my children closer to their Dad. Yes, I am a soccer mom, help out at school and teach a teen class at Church here in town. Volunteering? Yes, the list is long.

Since returning to Minnesota, I was asked to do many weeks of fill in work on the Lori and Julia Show as well as Kevyn Burger’s on 107.1 FM, Hubbard Broadcasting. I also wrote a couple of entertainment pieces for the Star Tribune.

Back to the production table, I went to create the Force Fitness workout DVD. I have known Anne Mairs for years and it was great to finally direct her for a change. That was not only fun work but, fulfilling and loved getting back behind the camera.

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BridgingI have been blessed with the opportunity to sit in with BT on Cities 97, Clear Channel and from there was asked to do a weekly “sit in” on the Chris Baker radio program on KTLK 100.3 FM. We were the lead into The Rush Limbaugh. I was not only the weekend host on KTLK FM, I also did scary movie reviews for the Darkness Radio program, again on 100.3 KTLK.

That was when I was asked to host my own national radio show, The Nicole Remini Show on CRN Digital Talk Radio. That is where I was able to talk everything from God, Family to Politics. My three favorite topics.

During all of this, I have done movie reviews for, Showcase, MN (local NBC) as well as modeled and sold work out product live on, Shop NBC (www.shopnbc.com).

My heart has been drawn to help those in need during disaster situations. My husband and I have traveled the US when tornadoes strike to help those who have lost everything. There is video on my website showing our latest trip to Alabama.”

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