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Fred WehlingFred married Terri in 1975 while both were in college at SDSU. He graduated in 1977 with majors in biology and chemistry. He found work post-college at a small veterinary drug manufacturer outside of Jordan, Minnesota. After moving to New Hope, Minnesota in 1982 Fred’s creative problem solving skills landed him a career at a human drug manufacturer in Plymouth, Mn. In 1986, he formed his own pharmaceutical company to manufacture the first private brand of Alka Seltzer. He helped take that company public, became one of the best effervescent manufacturers in the US, started Amerilab Technologies and is still owner of the company today. Fred has been recognized by the Minnesota Business Journal as the fastest growing company in Mn 2005 & 2006. He holds over 25 domestic and foreign patents and employs 140 people, many who are immigrants from over 10 nations. Fred and Terri have 4 children, 7 grandchildren, and have hosted over 14 exchange students.

Fred has always been interested in and has supported food shelves, shelters for children, raising food and funds through projects at work and matching the employees contributions dollar for dollar, pound for pound.

After a pilgrimage trip to Italy with Cross Catholic Outreach in 2017, Fred and Terri personally committed themselves, as well as recruited others, to assist financially to CCO organization to build water wells in remote areas of Kenya,—in the Lodwar region. Water is scarce and a precious commodity, especially after the serious drought of 2016. This twelve well-drilling project eliminates the need for girls and women to walk for 6-8 hours every day to find water sources from dirty and muddy water holes. The local tribes have fewer conflicts with each other over water and are able to focus on more life-giving opportunities.

Children now find themselves in school where they can learn and build a better future for themselves and their families.
Fred’s charity of choice is Cross Catholic Outreach Lodwar Water Project.

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Cross Catholic Outreach

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