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Jireh MabambaJireh Mabamba was born in Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). As a child, his parents moved from country to country searching for a safe place to live. Jireh and his family ended up in South Africa, a place he calls home. Jireh attend a prestigious All-Boys school in South Africa, which led to a scholarship in the USA through Rotary International, as an exchange student.

Jireh attended University of Minnesota-Duluth (UMD), where he received his bachelor’s degree in both business marketing and organizational management. Jireh is the founder and former president of Twin Ports Rotaract Club, a community service club.

Jireh was the keynote speaker at MLK-Rally in Duluth and most recently the featured speaker at the University of Minnesota $4.2 billion Driven Campaign launch. Jireh works for the University as an Associate Development Officer for the College of Education and Human Development. His primary responsibilities are to connect and reconnect with alumni of the college – to assist and advise them with their philanthropic goals for the college.

Jireh recently become a member of the minneapolis Rotary Club #9 to continue with his passion to serving others to the twin citie area. He volunteered to dance in this event, because it a great opportunity to bring awareness to the amazing work that Rotary have been doing for the community and the world. From the partnership to combat sex trafficking in Minnesota with local organizations to being a resource and a partner to other clubs around the world to continue the fight to end polio.

Join me in Raising fund to continue with the great work that Rotary been doing for this community of ours and the world.

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